Sunday, December 29, 2013

some words as a 1 liner poem love story take and use any lines

 as you probably know again another Christmas has come and gone and i couldnt get you a gift , but im writing this to give your spirits alift.

As you know by now that i like to type in riddles and rhymes i wish to kiss your face 100000000 times

i miss you more each day i dont know why my feelings for you reaches the sky

i want to see you succeed in every way forget all those naysayers that tell you negative things everyday

dont take it to heart and let it enter your ears you have got lots of life left yes many many  years

let positive things daily fill your head and when you rest take those things with you to bed

listen to your heart and your soul dont let NO one stop you from reaching your goal

let my words of wisdom take you to your "special" place and wipe all those tears off your face

you are a shining star i look up to every night  my special angel my guiding light

across the world and across the sea its with you i also want to be

you are a special person yes one of a kind if i lose you not one like you i will ever find

god knows my  true feeling towards you my special angel my friend through and through

i feel you always as i grow inside you everyday my dear keep your faith up never fear

you healed me through the years and i have helped you also and have stopped your tears

you are generous helpful and one of a kind you make me happy cause your always on my mind

i wish we could spend more time together as birds of a feather flock together

as we slay our dragons and demons in our dreams we seems to stick together as thou it seems

let us always stay together let us never part youre my special angel  let us never part

i think i said what i need to say im staying positive just like every single day

as dawn is breaking its early morning i must keep this short so its not going to be boring                                   LOVE THE MOST POWERFUL WORD


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

bitcoins for me and you

this one will help me get coins also you can join the site and get your own address to get people to farm for you nothing is malicious about this program it will not harm your computer in any way i guarantee it as its my name its attached to and i dont put anything out there to have a bad name out there this helps out all who join to get free bit coins while surfing the new or just being online try it out thanks

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

about Bitcoins

Not knowing what this new "digital" currency will bring i have done "some" homework and i wish i had the money to purchase a few thousand bitcoins as its being "farmed" daily by a  lot of people as i started my computer tonight 1 single bitcoin was worth 199.00 at 4 pm est today now 3 hours later its worth 203.00, WOW 4.00 jump in 3 hrs. Instead of the paper currency (which will always be around) and will and can be easily stolen bitcoins are assigned to your own bitcoin wallet here and virtually cant be stolen especially if you store you wallet offline ,  while finding other sites to go to to "mine" for coins there are quite a few mining sites where you can get coins for free wether playing games visiting websites or the link , once you get your wallet setup you can also ask for donations like i will do here if you find this information helpful consider making a small donation to 1LdcpHg9sqcywxaZjcpSxWsbr5sYK2nzYk
thanks and any other info i find out i will post here. on google + its george szeles or twitter and facebook its #alwayspositiveone ..... CHOWDERS .... IM OUTTA HERE!!!

P.S. another great site i found to get free bitcoins (periodically the faucet turns off ) you have to keep rechecking every few minutes is here now bittcoin is worth at 740pm est is 204.75 hurry get yours while there is some left

Saturday, September 7, 2013

new hashtag from you to follow me with

Just a quick note to all my wonderful peeps out there #alwayspositiveone is the new hashtag i use for people to connect to me here on blogger , facebook and twitter drop me a line comment share send me the daily strife in your life and lets see if we cant change you for the person you need to be from the negative to the positive, and for those positive people also who are just trying to "stay afloat" with all the negativity that is surrounding you i have some uplifting comments for you as well,  oh and this is for everyone out there, the new 3 r's 1. RESPECT - yourself first all thing will come . 2. REFLECT - on those negative thing on a daily basis. 3. REJECT - all those things that dont pertain you and keep you from achieving success and happiness. With that said IM OUTTA HERE ....CHOWDERS!!!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

life lessons

Im listening to bob marley natural mystic, ok now for those people who think of going thru life being negative and hurtful , that what they create in their lives, i was the same, i had a hard childhood he tried to kill someone in front of me and my mom he tried to strangle me twice both times i sent him to jail, oh by the way did i tell you he was an alcoholic, he was full blown 26ouncer and a mickey (is what he used to call it ) everyday for the last 35 years till he died i guess in 2006 same with my mom maybe in 2007 of which im not quite clear. This is what happened i cant change what happened to them but i had a wake up call in 2010 when i had bypass done a six bypass.I cant change what happened to me in the past of course im talking about the bad things, it didnt kill me but i look back on it now back then the things i was doing i thought it was normal working 16-18 hrs a day drinking 15-20 cups of coffee a day eating junk food eg. wendys harveys burger king mcdonalds sleeping only 3-4 hours a day and smoking for 12 years full of anger and stress, its a wonder i didnt die. Im now going on 50 years old feeling great wearing size 38 pants which i havent been able to do since i was like 12 and weigh in at about 245 lbs (i used to really break the scales at17 yrs old at 325lbs) making me realize what the hell i was doing to my body but anyway better late than never i say to you now that you know part of my life, can you relate to some of this and if you can please comment and if you are struggling with some of lifes issues drop me a line and i will be happy to assist you in your time of need .. oh i have to tell you in advance i make no claims of healing people im no doctor but ive fixed myself and i want to make your life a little easier to deal with and let you leave a few bricks off the heavy load that you carry  in my back yard and i will crush them and use them as patio stones .... with that im outta here ...... CHOWDERS!!!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

This week i hit the magic 500 hrs from the "temp" agency i worked for i just contacted them and they said they will leave a message for the worker that im associated for that account. i will report once i hear the good news that  the company hired me. Any news from anybody any remarks , any comments are greatly appreciated as im here to help any one that i can to "get ahead" these are those people who are struggling with day to day issues that dont see a way out.

Trust in me that talking to the universe and the LORD will help you in most situations, all is required from you is a little faith in yourself and dont be afraid to step out of the box and experience life as the lord and the universe has made all the necessary changes in your life, you just have to ask for it and it will be given unto you.

Seeing thing from a lighter side will ease the day to day situations that you may be experiencing at this moment. Youre almost there dont give up hope, you are the greatest thing GOD put on this earth and YOU matter to someone and someone depends on you to help them when they are down as im helping someone who is going thru a troubling time in their life and they finally "GET THE MESSAGE " that im giving them.
Its all a matter of how you perceive life and what steps you you take in order to achieve the life that you were put on this earth to fulfill the dreams and aspirations that you have as im on this earth to give the lkind word and guiding words that you need to hear to better your situation and to lead to a "POSITIVE" not negative life that you were put on this earth to achieve all the thi8ngs your heart desires...... what that said IM OUTTA HERE CHOWDERS!!!!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

happy happy joy joy

Writing this post with all those people in mind that dont have any job.  I was recently employed full time thru a temp agency who, "went out of there way" to find me a job and recently made changes to the way they ran things for the company i work for. After being off work for 2 years after recouperating after a 6 bypass , my health is much better. I now work full time and my goal thru the temp agency is to accumulate 500 hrs , of which im close to ive got approx 410 hrs after which the company i work for will hire me on their payroll. Im deeply indebted to the people at the temp agency for working with me to get me what i wanted. My point being is that to all those people looking for work, dont give up keep searching listen to that little voice in your head listen to some conversations outside of yours and have faith in the GOOD the GOD and in YOURSELF and you will succeed ..... with that IM |OUT CHOWDERS TO ALL.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Well since the last time i blogged im "in like flynn" with the landlord, i also have a full time job and giving my landlord money weekly till i catch up with the rent thats owing so needless to say im here to stay, thanks to the Lord and the Universe for the help ...    im out chowders till la8r

Monday, February 4, 2013

losing the fight

I'm fighting my emotions as all people do who are under the influence but I'm one of those who can handle their booze. Its my birthday today so I'm celebrating with a few pints. I'm 49 today but feel alot younger though.I feel great bit on having a few doubts aether its worth living. I have no job no money but I have my health and my spirit. . I got an eviction verbal notice from my landlord today I have a week to come up with some money or ill be out on the street. I'm staying positive that it will work out but I'm doubt dull, I will keep you posted as to what's going to happen... Chowders I'm out!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

get help and give help when needed

Well i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and a joyous new years now its back to basics (so it seems) . How are those resolutions holding up bet most of you failed ,if you read my last post you know what and who you are and what i mean lol. I just got inspired by a video i watched on you tube there are many videos out there to inspire you to do the same it takes very little effort and you never know who is watching, some of the acts are simple and it helps some of us just to take a look into ourselves and see how we are going about our daily lives and please take a moment and just do some reflecting and then do some rejecting bring in the positive and reject the negative. What i mean by that is to LOOK around you see what is going on in the world ,,i mean help the little old lady with a ton of groceries , hold a door open for a woman with a stroller filled with kids , clear some ones driveway full of snow ( yes i do it for my landlady AND the neighbour) i dont ask for anything but i do get 1. a great feeling inside 2. a joy doing it 3. the LORD OUR GOD sees all. Take some time per se and do the things above if you are able and when you least expect it without hesitation i or someone else might be there to help you in YOUR time of need because we cant do it all by our selves we need a hand ourselves now and again and you will be grateful in your time of need when someone was there to help you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well i bet 75-90 % have failed in their new years resolutions. I havent because i never made any just carried on with my life as solemn as it is without a care in the world. i love to live happy and in the positive and when something gets me down ill take it in decipher it and if its no good ill let i go and carry on. We all need someone sometimes lean on i want to be that person cmon people leave some comments as to what is troubling you i may have an answer for it i want to help as many people as i can in this lifetime before i die so lets go peoples comment....... peace im out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!