Wednesday, August 14, 2013

life lessons

Im listening to bob marley natural mystic, ok now for those people who think of going thru life being negative and hurtful , that what they create in their lives, i was the same, i had a hard childhood he tried to kill someone in front of me and my mom he tried to strangle me twice both times i sent him to jail, oh by the way did i tell you he was an alcoholic, he was full blown 26ouncer and a mickey (is what he used to call it ) everyday for the last 35 years till he died i guess in 2006 same with my mom maybe in 2007 of which im not quite clear. This is what happened i cant change what happened to them but i had a wake up call in 2010 when i had bypass done a six bypass.I cant change what happened to me in the past of course im talking about the bad things, it didnt kill me but i look back on it now back then the things i was doing i thought it was normal working 16-18 hrs a day drinking 15-20 cups of coffee a day eating junk food eg. wendys harveys burger king mcdonalds sleeping only 3-4 hours a day and smoking for 12 years full of anger and stress, its a wonder i didnt die. Im now going on 50 years old feeling great wearing size 38 pants which i havent been able to do since i was like 12 and weigh in at about 245 lbs (i used to really break the scales at17 yrs old at 325lbs) making me realize what the hell i was doing to my body but anyway better late than never i say to you now that you know part of my life, can you relate to some of this and if you can please comment and if you are struggling with some of lifes issues drop me a line and i will be happy to assist you in your time of need .. oh i have to tell you in advance i make no claims of healing people im no doctor but ive fixed myself and i want to make your life a little easier to deal with and let you leave a few bricks off the heavy load that you carry  in my back yard and i will crush them and use them as patio stones .... with that im outta here ...... CHOWDERS!!!!!