Tuesday, October 23, 2012

brain traffic

Life is good life is great being positive is better than being irate. People are rushing through life with their struggles appointments disappointments let downs, i have this to pay that to pay , kids need new shoes , mommy and daddy are fighting again, and the list goes on. We all should have a common goal in life to get rid of all this so called "mental garbage" or what i like to call it "brain traffic" . It gets jammed up with people starting in the morning with the kids not getting up to get ready for school , taking too long in the shower always wondering if im ever going to make it on time you will you just have to take a "time-out" everyday maybe even 15 min a day and start throwing out the trash in your mind so you can focus and not miss out on th good things in life

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Absolutely Lost

What can i say its 1:25 am wed morning cant sleep thinking bout the past days activities. My lady friends in a bind her heart belongs to someone else and its been ripped apart again for the 3rd time. She has had a nervous breakdown 3 times 2x ive been there to calm her down, shes head over heels for this guy (my former boss) whos left his wife 7 times.....omg are you kidding me is he for real and dropped the bomb on this lovely lady i know 2x.

I have told her how i feel about her and the situation, shes heard me talk about it more times than i can count on my one hand(Hello- Lionel Ritchie)playing on my tv as i type this(how fitting). Im a very patient person i will keep repeating this till i turn 5 shades of purple to her and i will guide her and be there for her and wait for her(shes knows this also )  i went so far as to tell her since she is this guys soul mate shes told me if she hears from him leave him and find someone else she will do as shes told but she says hes not going to say that ever but he keep going back to his wife and she keeps holding on to him for that reason alone..... is there something wrong here?!?!?!? 

I myself havent been in a relationship  but not having horse blinders on as i have said in a previous post im not blind and my brain hasnt been poisoned by what takes place when one is in an abusive relationship out of hatred or lust or alcohol or just because of infatuation or soul -mate criteria. Im single and im a one woman man ,,, patience i do have for this woman as i love her dearly ,,, clearly she has no patience shes told me so ,,, not sure if we are compatible as shes Aquarius so am i lets hope for the best more on this at  later date......REFLECT REJECT RESPECT 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

haste makes waste

Really it makes no sense cause in that moment of feeling uneasiness and rushing around like a chicken with your head cut off it doesnt help because doing that your not thinking your mind is racing your palms get sweaty your heart rate rises you start to get frustrated cause you cant find your keys .... slow down retrace your steps and remeber that when you entered the washroom you dropped them on the floor because you needed to go badly and in your haste while fumbling with your zipper finally the release now your ok .. Back to the present moment, your all dressed up ready to go now there is one more thing you  dont know where they are thats your sunglasses now i winder where those are (chuckle chuckle) . I can tell you exactly where they are ....wait hold that thought ... can you picture it ...   good if you know then you are the best if not then look in the lst place you left them if you found them im thinking of that place comment if you know what place im talking about .... lol so in closing slow down tke time to notice thing and you wont forget where anything is ....REFLECT, REJECT, AND RESPECT  YOURSELF BEFORE ANY OTHERS AND YOU WILL GET TO WHERE YOU ARE GOING !!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

daily buzz

Im just sitting here in timmies its supposed to be fall but its nice nd warm and with the changes in the weather its foggy out just like peoples memories or thinking. Im the kind of individual that says things or does thing on the spur of the moment. Im pretty spontaneous and do things on the spur of the moment (on the fly). Im pretty easy going and shy im Aquarius (the water bearer) most people when they speak to me say that when i get on a subject i can speak about that subject for a long time and give some insight into people lives that they can relate to. Its takes only about  few minutes that the people start to "open up" and feel comfortable with me and their surroundings . I listen well and can focus in on the individual and on the moment at hand.

Its hard for people to "hold" their tongues when they are in a heated argument ones yelling at the other one NO ONE IS LISTENING to the other person, i have never been in a relationship but i notice alot in my life because i sit back and listen and watch and observe and there seems to be alot of things going on in peoples lives that they dont realize what is going on and whos watching them. Just  little bit of insight given by me a normal person who has slowed down and stopped to smell the roses and help that little old lady(who could be your mother). Do 1 thing a day that makes someone happy , but most of all love yourself for who you are and what you turned out to be and live every moment like this was the last day in your life , put away your negativity as it takes more muscles in your face to frown than to smile, and for those who have kids give them a hug and a kiss and ask them questions be part of their lives because they are a part of yours. PEACE LOVE AND HEALING AND BE POSITIVE. 

new tool bar

https://s3.amazonaws.com/com.alexa.toolbar/atbp/_dmK0s/download/index.htm  use it and abuse it but dont lose it

new blog new life

Hello and welcome to my new blog as my other blog has been blocked by my gmail address so i had to use different gmail address so i can have access im happy to be going live again.