Thursday, October 4, 2012

haste makes waste

Really it makes no sense cause in that moment of feeling uneasiness and rushing around like a chicken with your head cut off it doesnt help because doing that your not thinking your mind is racing your palms get sweaty your heart rate rises you start to get frustrated cause you cant find your keys .... slow down retrace your steps and remeber that when you entered the washroom you dropped them on the floor because you needed to go badly and in your haste while fumbling with your zipper finally the release now your ok .. Back to the present moment, your all dressed up ready to go now there is one more thing you  dont know where they are thats your sunglasses now i winder where those are (chuckle chuckle) . I can tell you exactly where they are ....wait hold that thought ... can you picture it ...   good if you know then you are the best if not then look in the lst place you left them if you found them im thinking of that place comment if you know what place im talking about .... lol so in closing slow down tke time to notice thing and you wont forget where anything is ....REFLECT, REJECT, AND RESPECT  YOURSELF BEFORE ANY OTHERS AND YOU WILL GET TO WHERE YOU ARE GOING !!!