Sunday, May 26, 2013

This week i hit the magic 500 hrs from the "temp" agency i worked for i just contacted them and they said they will leave a message for the worker that im associated for that account. i will report once i hear the good news that  the company hired me. Any news from anybody any remarks , any comments are greatly appreciated as im here to help any one that i can to "get ahead" these are those people who are struggling with day to day issues that dont see a way out.

Trust in me that talking to the universe and the LORD will help you in most situations, all is required from you is a little faith in yourself and dont be afraid to step out of the box and experience life as the lord and the universe has made all the necessary changes in your life, you just have to ask for it and it will be given unto you.

Seeing thing from a lighter side will ease the day to day situations that you may be experiencing at this moment. Youre almost there dont give up hope, you are the greatest thing GOD put on this earth and YOU matter to someone and someone depends on you to help them when they are down as im helping someone who is going thru a troubling time in their life and they finally "GET THE MESSAGE " that im giving them.
Its all a matter of how you perceive life and what steps you you take in order to achieve the life that you were put on this earth to fulfill the dreams and aspirations that you have as im on this earth to give the lkind word and guiding words that you need to hear to better your situation and to lead to a "POSITIVE" not negative life that you were put on this earth to achieve all the thi8ngs your heart desires...... what that said IM OUTTA HERE CHOWDERS!!!!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

happy happy joy joy

Writing this post with all those people in mind that dont have any job.  I was recently employed full time thru a temp agency who, "went out of there way" to find me a job and recently made changes to the way they ran things for the company i work for. After being off work for 2 years after recouperating after a 6 bypass , my health is much better. I now work full time and my goal thru the temp agency is to accumulate 500 hrs , of which im close to ive got approx 410 hrs after which the company i work for will hire me on their payroll. Im deeply indebted to the people at the temp agency for working with me to get me what i wanted. My point being is that to all those people looking for work, dont give up keep searching listen to that little voice in your head listen to some conversations outside of yours and have faith in the GOOD the GOD and in YOURSELF and you will succeed ..... with that IM |OUT CHOWDERS TO ALL.