Sunday, December 29, 2013

some words as a 1 liner poem love story take and use any lines

 as you probably know again another Christmas has come and gone and i couldnt get you a gift , but im writing this to give your spirits alift.

As you know by now that i like to type in riddles and rhymes i wish to kiss your face 100000000 times

i miss you more each day i dont know why my feelings for you reaches the sky

i want to see you succeed in every way forget all those naysayers that tell you negative things everyday

dont take it to heart and let it enter your ears you have got lots of life left yes many many  years

let positive things daily fill your head and when you rest take those things with you to bed

listen to your heart and your soul dont let NO one stop you from reaching your goal

let my words of wisdom take you to your "special" place and wipe all those tears off your face

you are a shining star i look up to every night  my special angel my guiding light

across the world and across the sea its with you i also want to be

you are a special person yes one of a kind if i lose you not one like you i will ever find

god knows my  true feeling towards you my special angel my friend through and through

i feel you always as i grow inside you everyday my dear keep your faith up never fear

you healed me through the years and i have helped you also and have stopped your tears

you are generous helpful and one of a kind you make me happy cause your always on my mind

i wish we could spend more time together as birds of a feather flock together

as we slay our dragons and demons in our dreams we seems to stick together as thou it seems

let us always stay together let us never part youre my special angel  let us never part

i think i said what i need to say im staying positive just like every single day

as dawn is breaking its early morning i must keep this short so its not going to be boring                                   LOVE THE MOST POWERFUL WORD


Sunday, December 8, 2013