Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Absolutely Lost

What can i say its 1:25 am wed morning cant sleep thinking bout the past days activities. My lady friends in a bind her heart belongs to someone else and its been ripped apart again for the 3rd time. She has had a nervous breakdown 3 times 2x ive been there to calm her down, shes head over heels for this guy (my former boss) whos left his wife 7 times.....omg are you kidding me is he for real and dropped the bomb on this lovely lady i know 2x.

I have told her how i feel about her and the situation, shes heard me talk about it more times than i can count on my one hand(Hello- Lionel Ritchie)playing on my tv as i type this(how fitting). Im a very patient person i will keep repeating this till i turn 5 shades of purple to her and i will guide her and be there for her and wait for her(shes knows this also )  i went so far as to tell her since she is this guys soul mate shes told me if she hears from him leave him and find someone else she will do as shes told but she says hes not going to say that ever but he keep going back to his wife and she keeps holding on to him for that reason alone..... is there something wrong here?!?!?!? 

I myself havent been in a relationship  but not having horse blinders on as i have said in a previous post im not blind and my brain hasnt been poisoned by what takes place when one is in an abusive relationship out of hatred or lust or alcohol or just because of infatuation or soul -mate criteria. Im single and im a one woman man ,,, patience i do have for this woman as i love her dearly ,,, clearly she has no patience shes told me so ,,, not sure if we are compatible as shes Aquarius so am i lets hope for the best more on this at  later date......REFLECT REJECT RESPECT