Saturday, September 7, 2013

new hashtag from you to follow me with

Just a quick note to all my wonderful peeps out there #alwayspositiveone is the new hashtag i use for people to connect to me here on blogger , facebook and twitter drop me a line comment share send me the daily strife in your life and lets see if we cant change you for the person you need to be from the negative to the positive, and for those positive people also who are just trying to "stay afloat" with all the negativity that is surrounding you i have some uplifting comments for you as well,  oh and this is for everyone out there, the new 3 r's 1. RESPECT - yourself first all thing will come . 2. REFLECT - on those negative thing on a daily basis. 3. REJECT - all those things that dont pertain you and keep you from achieving success and happiness. With that said IM OUTTA HERE ....CHOWDERS!!!!!