Tuesday, October 29, 2013

about Bitcoins

Not knowing what this new "digital" currency will bring i have done "some" homework and i wish i had the money to purchase a few thousand bitcoins as its being "farmed" daily by a  lot of people as i started my computer tonight 1 single bitcoin was worth 199.00 at 4 pm est today now 3 hours later its worth 203.00, WOW 4.00 jump in 3 hrs. Instead of the paper currency (which will always be around) and will and can be easily stolen bitcoins are assigned to your own bitcoin wallet here and virtually cant be stolen especially if you store you wallet offline ,  while finding other sites to go to to "mine" for coins there are quite a few mining sites where you can get coins for free wether playing games visiting websites or the link , once you get your wallet setup you can also ask for donations like i will do here if you find this information helpful consider making a small donation to 1LdcpHg9sqcywxaZjcpSxWsbr5sYK2nzYk
thanks and any other info i find out i will post here. on google + its george szeles or twitter and facebook its #alwayspositiveone ..... CHOWDERS .... IM OUTTA HERE!!!

P.S. another great site i found to get free bitcoins (periodically the faucet turns off ) you have to keep rechecking every few minutes is here now bittcoin is worth at 740pm est is 204.75 hurry get yours while there is some left