Sunday, February 3, 2013

get help and give help when needed

Well i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and a joyous new years now its back to basics (so it seems) . How are those resolutions holding up bet most of you failed ,if you read my last post you know what and who you are and what i mean lol. I just got inspired by a video i watched on you tube there are many videos out there to inspire you to do the same it takes very little effort and you never know who is watching, some of the acts are simple and it helps some of us just to take a look into ourselves and see how we are going about our daily lives and please take a moment and just do some reflecting and then do some rejecting bring in the positive and reject the negative. What i mean by that is to LOOK around you see what is going on in the world ,,i mean help the little old lady with a ton of groceries , hold a door open for a woman with a stroller filled with kids , clear some ones driveway full of snow ( yes i do it for my landlady AND the neighbour) i dont ask for anything but i do get 1. a great feeling inside 2. a joy doing it 3. the LORD OUR GOD sees all. Take some time per se and do the things above if you are able and when you least expect it without hesitation i or someone else might be there to help you in YOUR time of need because we cant do it all by our selves we need a hand ourselves now and again and you will be grateful in your time of need when someone was there to help you.