Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yup its the time for holly jolly good times , the holidays are upon us and as i sit in the hosp with my lady friend who is visiting her grand daughter i have time to sit and ponder and write a few lines and gather my thoughts as we come to close of another year that has passed just as quickly as it has come. Natural mystic is what im listening to by Bob Marley, great song including Crisis both of them downloaded from this link here. Music is the window to my soul and like i said as i sit here wondering what to write my brain is open to all sorts of things as i listen to my music which i must know up to and at least 10,000 songs starting from 1940 to present with reggae being my favorite.
 What goes to my head as im listening to the vibes i can listen clearly and focus on the words im typing on this blog. 

I need to find out from you folks what makes you relax and wind down and opoen your heart and your mind for you to receive all the blessing that the world has given to you. I know each individual is different so please do share your thoughts and feeling on this subject i would greatly appreciate it with that my closing song is True- spandau ballet cya folks till the next time comes.