Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

im listening to award tour by a group callled a tribe called quest. Love the music. Well happy new year and a prosperous life ahead for all , please to all the negative peeps out there time to turn the frown upside down it takes more muscles to frown then to smile so go ahead give it a try you will feel better and yes the grass is always greener on the happy side. Ive been happy for the last 2 years and what i ask for from the universe im getting (yes those big ticket items as well) they are in the process coming as well as the universe is such a big place and is infinite in space it takes time for those things to come into place.

Everyone wants things now i want this i want that , thats ok but are you willing to give i was giving all the time  my time 16-18 hrs a day in the job along with the stress smoking a pack a day and so on you know like bad eating habits drinking 20 cups of coffee a day eating all the junk food out there along with chips,pop,candies and the like. That was 10 yrs ago when i was 36 doing nothing strenuous i had a heart attack. Life changed i could have bit the bullet then and there , i guess the Lord saved me so i did a 180 and headed in the right direction with no job and no money (for meds) i completely changed my lifestyle no added salt in food very little sugar (by the way sugar in the body is poison) i lasted 10 yrs had second heart attack this time had a 6 bypass they carved out the veins from my left arm (the vultures) lol and took 2 small veins from the rt leg upper thigh again no job since may this happened in aug 2010 again they said i had to take meds so i didi homework and went on the internet read up on the meds and while in the hosp i decided not to take them they basically rushed me out of the hosp say i can recover on my own .. i told this to my doctor as well that what the hosp did using me as a guinea pig trying different types of meds on me 1st time i passed out 2nd time  i scratched my self so hard i bled couldnt feel it i was numb from head to toe 3rd time they want to feed me meds again i said NO!!!!! please if you want to heal take natural stuff like cinnamon and honey ginger fruits veggies cut the salt ,sugar , smoking , stress and stupidness and start living .Dont give your hard earned money to the drug companies they have a bounty on it same as doctors. My doctor doesnt want to see me anymore as im not taking meds and as im telling you i told him ive been living in this body 48 years now dont tell me what i have to take to make myself better. I had a flu 10 yra ago felt like shit for a week , now a flu lasts me 3-4 hours. my immune system is strong not suppressed last cold i had was maybe 20 years ago no aching bones no headaches no body aches i get 8 - 10 hrs sleep a day drink water to cleanse the system approx 3 liters a day and i have alot of energy. so folks get off the meds drink water flush out your system drink honey and cinnamon, eat nuts fruits and veggies throughout the day and you will hve energy look years younger your skin will be soft and glow energy will be through the roof take your vitamins if you need them along with a product called effamol and cod liver oil and you will see a change within a few weeks and your body will thank you . Bob Marley Satisfy my soul , is the last song im listening to .. So in closing take care of yourself and you r body will thank you and show you what you were missing all these years and you will be able to turn that frown upside down Chowders folks ttyl.